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Carolyn A. Favorito, Esq.
Registered Patent Attorney

"Carolyn is a brilliant intellectual property attorney. She knows how to navigate the intricacies of the patent process efficiently and effectively. Thanks to her great insights, knowledge and vast experience, she was able to facilitate the issuance of one of our US patents within a year of filing the application. Her contribution was key in helping us obtaining series A funding and launching the company. Unlike other large IP firms I have dealt with in my 20+ year-career, Carolyn is always available to answer any questions and responds promptly and decisively. Working with Carolyn is a pleasure and I highly recommend her to anyone who needs an intellectual property attorney to guide them through the complexities of the patent process, both technically and strategically.”

Olivier Dasse. Ph.D.
VP of Chemistry and Co-founder, Gaba Therapeutics

"Carolyn is an outstanding chemical/biotechnology intellectual property lawyer with broad knowledge and deep insights in the field.  She is a very strategic thinker.  Her ability to collaborate well with scientists and management, along with her enthusiasm, energy, and creativity, make Carolyn a highly valued colleague.  I strongly recommend Carolyn!"

Karen Joy Shaw,

Ph.D, Chief Scientific Officer, Amplyx Pharmaceuticals

"Carolyn evaluated our company's intellectual property as it related to our business strategy and immediately spotted details needing refinement relating to licenses and assignments. She swiftly aligned our patent strategy with our business goals and explained creative options in understandable terms. This is my second company in which I have had the benefit to employ her expertise. Moreover, she is an absolute pleasure with whom to work." 

Vickie Driver

President & Co-founder, Zim Biosciences, Inc

As an inventor in the e-commerce space, I knew how important it was to protect my brand and I needed someone who was familiar with online selling and Carolyn fit the bill. When I hired Carolyn, she became a true partner. I liked that she had her own firm, answered questions promptly and was very accessible. She knew how important getting a patent was to me and she fought for it as if it were her own. She is a true professional with years of experience and knows how to work her way around the US patent office. She has helped me get trademarks in addition to several provisional and utility patents. As a result, I am able to grow my brand and not have to worry about online infringers. I highly recommend her!”

Lisa Lane, President Drug Careers Inc. and Lane Innovations, Inventor of the Rinseroo® and LeakLocks™

"Carolyn is intelligent, insightful, and tenacious - all of which you need when dealing with the USPTO.  She knows the system, and the system knows her. We relied on her years of experience and her contacts, here and abroad, who have helped us launch our company. I highly recommend her to both start-ups and established businesses that need an ally in the patent process."

James Gregath
Chief Marketing Officer, Chief Business Development Officer, 060Bio

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